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Jawline Enhancement

Jawline augmentation

Jawline Enhancement

Jawline augmentation is popular among both men and women. This procedure is one of the simplest ways to add definition to the face. In men, it can be used to add a more masculine appearance, and in women, it can be used to help define the jawline and hide sagging jowls.

Jawline Enhancement

Our jawline serves as the frame for our face and neck. It offers a substantial contribution to our overall aesthetic — even minor changes to the jaw can make a big difference in our overall facial appearance.

A lot of people seeking jaw augmentation aim to correct jowls, damage caused by injuries or congenital issues or to simply optimize the balance between the jawline and other facial structures like the nose, eyebrows, and ears.

If you have an undefined or uneven jawline, dermal filler is the answer. The dermal filler uses hyaluronic acid. -a naturally occurring sugar in the body that adds volume to where it is lacking. It is used to “fill in” skin depressions or ” fill out” areas that require more volume.

This allows our physician to create an even jawline or build up the area for added definition and a more precise or angular profile.

Treatment Time

Jawline shaping generally takes up to 30 minutes

Visible Results 

Results are instant, so you leave our office with the effects fully visible. Swelling is common and usually resolves within a few days to one week.


Please come in for a consultation with Dr. Moussa to see how we can give you a slimmer look for the lower face.

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