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Deoxycholic Acid


Deoxycholic Acid

Deoxycholic acid is a minimally invasive  innovative beauty treatment designed for both men and women who wish to improve the appearance of their chin profile by reducing fullness commonly caused by age, genetics, and as a result of weight change.

Many people treated with Deoxycholic acid experienced visible improvements in the appearance of their chin profile in just two to four months of treatments.

Perfect for Men and Women

67% of people say that they are bothered by fullness under the chin and are looking for non-invasive treatments. Deoxycholic acid is an approved injection treatment that targets and eliminates fat cells when injected into the area under your chin. It is a quick and easy treatment that can be completed in the office in 15-20 minutes and requires no surgery.

​The main ingredient, Deoxycholic acid, is a naturally occurring molecule found in the body that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fats.

When will I see results, and when can I return to everyday activities?

Many patients see visible results in two to four treatments. However, up to six treatments spaced over at least four to six  weeks can be administered to reach the desired effect. Once the aesthetic response is achieved, re-treatment is not expected.

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