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Dr. Moussa is FABULOUS! I have had injections in many other clinics (External Affairs, Lucere Dermatology and True Balance), but this is hands down the absolute best and most professional clinic I have ever been to. Don’t be fooled by, as I was previously, that it’s the same results at all places for injections. In addition, Dr. Moussa’s knowledge and skill exceeded my expectations – she took ten years off my face in one visit. It’s your face. Invest Wisely!


The impeccable service I receive at Serene Radiance is second to none. Whether it’s Kim explaining my coolsculpting treatment plan in a way that helps me understand why we are doing things a certain way (which I totally appreciate) or Dr. Sahar Moussa encouraging me to take my time with fillers and see how my face reacts, each engagement with Serene Radiance is always filled with a sincere interest in my well-being, health and overall satisfaction.
Ingrid S.

I spent several hours yesterday and today researching clinics and trying to contact them for information. The ONLY clinic that gave me fantastic service over the phone was serene radiance. I booked my appointment with them for Friday.
Anne R.

Friendly and personable staff. Very informative and knowledgeable about the procedure I was interested in. If it wasn’t for the cost, I would feel very comfortable moving forward with this clinic.

Absolutely love going in for my appointments 🙂 The machine we have been using seems very effective, and it really cleared up all the concerns I had about lasers not being as proficient for women of colour, but the experience has been great so far! The waiting room is always very neat, as well as the rest of the areas of the centre!

Great location with lovely and professional staff! very happy to have found this place!
Krista D.