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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Serene Radiance Laser Center


At Serene Radiance, we’re proud to offer our patients a wide array of cosmetic body sculpting treatments, utilizing the best medical technology available to deliver the most accelerated results and performance possible.

The Serene Radiance Difference

Cutting Edge Non-Surgical Cosmetic Techniques: We are uniquely positioned to offer Edmonton and area residents the latest innovations in cosmetic medicine with our founder, Dr. Moussa. We are pleased to invite you to our modern, elegant, and sophisticated Edmonton laser clinic that offers non-surgical procedures. You will receive personalized treatments in a comfortable and discreet environment. We aspire to bring a sense of chic to our clinic.

Hassle-Free Consultation: We provide cosmetic consultations, where we will take the time to listen to your needs, educate you on all available options, and answer any questions you might have. We will work together to develop the best plan to help you reach your personal goal.

Natural Results: We believe cosmetic aesthetic treatments should combine elements of art and science to help you become the best version of yourself, never anybody else. It is about looking age-appropriate, what suits each client the best, and not trying to copy someone else’s look.

Relationships: We are committed to building a strong doctor/client relationship built on openness and trust. We want you to feel safe, knowing that we understand your goals and will do everything possible to achieve your desired result.

Non-Surgical Treatments

Edmonton’s Serene Radiance Clinic believes that patient education is of utmost priority and that knowledge is power when it comes to providing patients with the newest cutting-edge procedures and products from around the world. We believe that non-surgical cosmetic and facial skin care is an art form and that any aesthetic work should not change the features that make your face unique but instead leave you with natural-looking and elegant results. You will still look like yourself but in a more aesthetically pleasing way to you. Dr. Moussa and her extensively trained team believe in providing patients with the highest professional standards by combining medical expertise and luxurious hospitality. We provide Edmontonians with cosmetic non-surgical, and facial skincare services from the comfort of our privately owned and operated clinic.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Your beauty & cosmetic needs are as individual as you are. We understand that creating a treatment plan that works for your lifestyle and clinical concerns is essential. We provide an array of treatment options, and Dr. Moussa focuses on effective and non-surgical approaches to all beauty and health concerns. This means the most comfortable treatment for you, with the longest-lasting and most incredible results. At Serene Radiance, we’re proud to offer our patients a wide array of cosmetic body sculpting treatments, utilizing the best medical technology available to deliver the most accelerated results and performance possible.

Medical Director

Dr. Sahar Moussa completed her residency at the University of Alberta and has been practicing since 2007 as a Family Physician. She began her practice in Cosmetic and Aesthetic Medicine shortly after. Since then, she has worked hard to stay one step ahead in the cosmetic market through numerous conferences and training seminars. She has been a certified advanced injector for over ten years. She received advanced training with renowned injectors in Canada, such as Dr. Arthur Swift and Dr. Sean Rice. She is also the Medical Director of Windermere Women’s Health since its opening in 2015. She has extensive knowledge and experience in most in-office gynecological treatments and procedures. She continues to upgrade her skills in Women’s Health by attending many conferences and teaching sessions. As an innovator in advanced age-reversing techniques and wellness, she uniquely specializes in the art of non-surgical cosmetic medicine and is best known for her natural results approach to restoring a youthful glow. Dr. Moussa possesses a level of knowledge, skill and professionalism that inspires confidence and trust. With her quick wit and winning sense of humour, she establishes an immediate and delightful rapport with her patients, putting them at ease with the personal interaction that is rare, if not unique, among Physicians.

Windermere Location

1356 Windermere Way SW,Edmonton, AB T6W 2J3

Rutherford Location

11444 17 Ave SW, Edmonton, AB T6W 2S5